Statement of Faith

What we believe


Members of WEF accept that the following eight statements frame our Christian belief and experience.


1. The one, true and living God is revealed in perfect unity in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We call this The Trinity.

2. God’s supreme rule and undeserved favour towards us is seen in:

 all He has created, 

the way He sustains us, 

all He has revealed of Himself, 

the price He paid to free us from our sin and His plans for 

final judgement.

3. Our Lord, Jesus Christ: 

was born to a virgin, 

lived a sinless life, 

performed a miraculous ministry, 

died to pay the penalty for our sin, 

rose bodily from death, 

victoriously ascended to heaven, 

prays to the Father for us and 

will make a personal visible return to earth.

4. God the Holy Spirit works in us individually and corporately to reveal God’s truth, give us new life, equip us for service and to enable us to become more like our Lord and Saviour.

5. We all fall short of God’s standards because of our inherent sinfulness. Therefore, we are subject to God’s righteous anger and condemnation.

6. We can only be put right with God through faith in Jesus Christ. This is a relationship that is totally dependent on God’s grace, is for eternity and will be perfected following Christ’s return.

7. The universal church is like a body of which Christ is the head and in which each individual Christian has equal access to the Godhead by His grace.

8. The Bible is inspired by God and has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. 



Church constitution (pdf)